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Prestige Marigold Plots Development in Bangalore

Prestige Marigold is a premium segment plotted development being developed by the well- known Prestige Group in North Bangalore. The Prestige Group has grown from humble beginnings into one of India’s most respected real estate development companies. This much- awarded real estate developer has a formidable presence in several locations in the country such as Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Goa, Mysore, and Mangalore. The Prestige Group is well known for its keen attention to detail, innovation, customer satisfaction, and excellence in design, development, and construction. Prestige Marigold is a true testament to the Prestige Group’s dedication towards quality. This elite township is located off NH 44, at Bettenahalli in North Bangalore and is at a distance of just a 15-minute drive from the Hebbal flyover. This meticulously designed and planned development plotted development consists of plots in varying configurations to suit every investor’s needs in terms of space and budget. The plots are available in configurations of 30 square feet x 40 square feet, 30 square feet x 50 square feet, and 40 square feet x 60 square feet, thereby catering to the needs of all potential investors. Being developed by the Prestige Group, this elite plotted development comes with the assurance of premium quality and you can rest assured that only the most modern planning and design techniques as well as development techniques and materials have been utilised at every stage of this project. The township is also loaded with amenities to enhance the lives of the residents such as a grand clubhouse, fully-equipped gymnasium, swimming pools, and facilities for outdoor as well as indoor sports and recreation. The location of the township in the upcoming and rapidly developing zone of North Bangalore places it within easy reach of numerous employment hubs, world class healthcare institutions, educational institutions of repute, as well as numerous restaurants, hotels, shopping areas, and malls.

Why is Investing in Prestige Marigold the Best Decision?

The renowned real estate development group, the Prestige Group, now brings to Bangalore its latest premium-segment plotted development, Prestige Marigold. This elite township is located off NH 44, in the pristine and salubrious environs of Bettenahalli in North Bangalore. This is a new age township that has been meticulously planned and thoughtfully designed and has on offer plots of varying sizes and configurations to suit every budget and requirement of the potential customer. Also on offer in the plotted development are a plethora of elegant and luxurious amenities for the comfort of the residents, which include an august and grand clubhouse, swimming pools, gymnasium, and facilities for outdoor and indoor sports and games, to name a few. Being developed by the Prestige Group, one of the leading real estate development companies of the country, this township is a testament of the group’s dedication and commitment to quality, luxury, innovation, and excellence. From humble beginnings in 1986, the Prestige Group has steadily built up a formidable reputation of being one of the most reliable real estate development companies in the country today. This company has been much awarded and its name is now synonymous with luxury, excellence, and quality and with providing premium real estate development projects in several locations in the country such as Kochi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Goa, and Mysore in addition to Bangalore. Prestige Marigold is a plotted development that stands testament to this esteemed group’s values and has been designed and developed using only the most modern techniques and materials. All this makes investing in Prestige Marigold the best decision you can take. In addition, the location of the development in the upcoming zone of North Bangalore is another plus. This area is seeing rapid growth and development and is slated to be one of the most cosmopolitan areas of Bangalore in the near future. This potential for future growth also makes investing in Prestige Marigold a sound decision.

Why is Bettenahalli a Good Option to Buy Residential Plots in Bangalore

The development and establishment of the Kempegowda International Airport in North Bangalore spurred an almost phenomenal growth in infrastructure development and real estate development around this air terminus. This in turn led to North Bangalore fast becoming one of the most coveted destinations of the city to invest in real estate. Bettenahalli, located in this desired area of North Bangalore has now been thrust in the forefront of this rapid real estate development boom. This hitherto quiet and laidback locality has seen a tremendous upswing in terms of property development in the recent past. This locality is an extremely sound option to invest in residential plots in Bangalore at the present time as it checks all the boxes when it comes to what potential investors are looking for. This locality is at a distance of just 22.5 kilometres from the Kempegowda International Airport, making it easily accessible to the airport. Also, Bettenahalli is located within easy accessibility to the major employment of North Bangalore such as Manyata Tech Park, which is only 27 kilometres away and the upcoming KIADB Aerospace SEZ, which is 24.4 kilometres away. Also, a number of prominent players in the IT industry are in the process of development of their offices in North Bangalore. This locality is seeing a number of civic infrastructure projects currently in development and the upcoming high-speed rail link to the Kempegowda International Airport and the development of the Peripheral Ring Road will only aid in further easing connectivity to the area. In addition, Bettenahalli has vast tracts of land for sale and the prices in this upcoming locality are still relatively on the lower side, which makes it a good option to invest in right now. Bettenahalli is located in pristine surroundings, making it the perfect investment option as it is a sufficient distance away from the city so as to be free of the hustle and bustle of the city and yet is easily accessible to employment hubs and also options of healthcare, education, and recreation.

Considering Bettenahalli as Your Primary Option - Healthy Investments on the Rise

The establishment of the Kempegowda International Airport at Devanahalli heralded a whole new chapter in the development of North Bangalore as the go-to locality for real estate development and establishment of hubs of employment. This hitherto ignored zone of Bangalore suddenly shot to prominence and is today one of the most coveted real estate in the city. Today, this zone is in the spotlight with the development of the Information Technology Investment Region (ITIR) and special economic zones (SEZ), in addition to being on the radar of several large IT companies that are looking to set up their offices here. This has inevitably led to interest from individuals employed in these hubs in setting up residences in this locality, which in turn has led to several prominent real estate development companies acquiring large tracts of land in North Bangalore with the aim to set up residential townships here. One such locality that is in the spotlight today is Bettenahalli. Located at an ideal distance from the bustle of Bangalore city as to provide an oasis of peace for its residents and yet within easy travel distance from the city, Bettenahalli is the ideal destination for anyone looking to invest in real estate. The pristine and salubrious surroundings, the clean and pollution-free air are incentives enough to look to invest in property in this locality. This locality also has large tracts of land available, giving everybody the option of investing here, whatever your financial constraints, budgets, and requirements. Also, the prices of property in Bettenahalli are still relatively on the lower side, again making investing in land accessible to everyone. This locality is now being rapidly developed, which in turn is seeing a rise in property prices. This price rise makes investing in property in this locality a healthy investment option as prices only seem set to rise higher as more and more developers move into the area and the interest of individual customers increases.

Factors to Consider Before Investing at Bettenahalli

Investment in real estate is one decision that is never taken lightly by anyone as it involves large sums of money and is a long-term investment. This is usually a decision that is taken after a lot of careful and meticulous study of the pros and cons and the risks involved. A number of factors are usually taken into account before taking the plunge in investing in property and given below are some of the key factors to consider before investing in a property at Bettenahalli.

Location – The location of the property in question is of utmost importance. This involves a study of the accessibility and connectivity of the locality from the main city and from important facilities such as healthcare facilities and educational institutions. Bettenahalli is ideally located not too far away from the city and its numerous facilities and yet far enough to boast of pollution-free air and pristine surroundings.

Infrastructure of the locality – With the phenomenal rise of North Bangalore as a real estate destination of choice, the infrastructure of this zone has seen major improvements too in the recent past. Bettenahalli is no exception. The infrastructure of this area is also improving and developing by leaps and bounds.

Growth potential – Bettenahalli is one of the newest localities that has now caught the interest of potential investors and also real estate development companies. With large tracts of land available for sale and investors expressing interest in buying property here, the potential for growth of this area is immense. The prices of land are appreciating rapidly, making investing in property in this locality a wise decision at the current moment. Also, with the further development of infrastructure in this locality, prices are only set to rise higher, making investing in property in Bettenahalli a wise and sound decision, guaranteeing excellent returns in the future.

Buying a Property – Plot or Land? Five Important Things to Know

The process of investing in a plot of land is not one to be rushed into. Given below are five important things to know before taking the decision to buy a plot.

1. Owning a plot of land brings with it the advantage of having a dream home that is designed and constructed according to your own individual preferences and specifications and there is also the possibility of future extensions or design changes, which are entirely up to you. There is also a sense of privacy that owning a plot of land and having your home on it provide that is not found in apartment living.

2. Land is an asset that constantly appreciates. This is one asset that will only appreciate in value as time passes. It is wise to invest in a plot of land before you actually plan to start construction of your dream home. Investing early will ensure lower rates and then you can construct your home at your leisure.

3. It is extremely important to research the real estate markets in your location before investing in a plot as it is essential that you invest in a locality that is showing growth and development of infrastructure. This will ensure higher returns on your investment in the future.

4. Check the legalities of the land you are interested in investing in closely. Ensure that the property has all the requisite governmental approvals before you invest in a plot.

5. It is a smart decision to invest in a plot in a development of a well-known developer as you can rest assured that all the requisite groundwork and legalities have been met by the developer and all the basic infrastructure projects such as roads, sewage treatment, electricity supply, and water supply, etc. have already been provided by the developer.

How Living in a Gated Community Provides You a Sense of Security

There has been an increasing trend of real estate investors moving from buying Plotted Development in complexes to either buying ready to move in homes or plots and constructing their own dream homes. These are located in what are known as gated communities, which are exclusive residential communities that comprise of independent houses enclosed within the closed perimeter of walls surrounding the community. These gated communities are staffed by extremely well-trained and well-manned high-tech security forces 24/7. These exclusive gated communities today offer to their residents all the high-end and world-class amenities that modern-day apartment complexes offer, and more. Since these communities are usually spread out over large tracts of land, they are usually able to offer their residents more amenities and comforts than those offered by apartment complexes, simply by virtue of their sizes. Gated communities comprise of independent residences that are located within the perimeter of the enclave and provide their residents with the privacy and space that they so desire. The major factor at play in a gated community is of course, the sense of security these provide. The real estate developers take great pains to ensure that the residents of their communities meet their strict standards and thorough background checks are conducted before selling property to individuals. This ensures that the residents can rest easy about who their fellow residents are in the community and not feel insecure. The flow of traffic in these communities is strictly monitored and speed limits are maintained, ensuring the safety of children and senior citizens. The security is staffed by well-manned and well-trained security personnel and this security is extremely high-tech and well equipped. With round the clock CCTV monitoring of key areas and controlled entry and exit points, residents can rest assured that they and their loved ones are safe.

Bettenahalli Real Estate Growth. Is it Worth it?

On the heels of the establishment of the Kempegowda International Airport at Devanahalli, North Bangalore shot to prominence as a real estate hotspot and fast became one of the most attractive zones of Bangalore to real estate investors. Subsequent to the development of the international airport came the development of several major hubs of employment in the area with several more being planned or in the process of development currently. This led to investors looking to reside in North Bangalore, closer to their work spaces, which in turn worked as a major impetus for real estate developers to move into North Bangalore and look at the potential of developing townships in this area. Bettenahalli is one such area that has piqued the interest of both real estate developers and investors. This area is located at a favourable distance from the business areas of Bangalore city and from the major employment hubs that dot North Bangalore and Devanahalli and also the international airport. This locality has thus attracted a number of reputed real estate development companies that have now acquired large land parcels in the aera and are in the process of developing their luxurious and elegant residential projects that come replete with world-class amenities for the convenience of the residents. There has been rapid development of civic and social infrastructure in the area, leading to the value of the real estate in Bettenahalli appreciating greatly over the recent past. With numerous infrastructure development projects currently underway or in the planning stages in North Bangalore, the real estate growth of this locality seems to be tipped to appreciate greatly. This includes the development of flyovers, the upcoming metro rail link, the widening of roads and also the development of several new SEZ and IT hubs in the area. The real estate growth of Bettenahalli has skyrocketed and is slated to grow exponentially in the near future.

About Real Estate Growth in Bettenahalli

Following the development of the Kempegowda International Airport at Devanahalli, North Bangalore saw an exponential and phenomenal growth in terms of real estate. This zone of Bangalore suddenly was thrust into the limelight with the development of infrastructure of rapidly accelerating. The establishment of several hubs of employment in Bangalore North and the upcoming Infosys office, the TCS SEZ, and the Aero SEZ all heralded a new phase of growth in this zone of Bangalore. One locality that has benefitted from this growth and development of Bangalore North is Bettenahalli. This pristine locality has caught the eye of real estate developers who are now making a beeline to this area and constructing luxurious residential projects here. This neighbourhood is now one of the most rapidly developing in North Bangalore. Bettenahalli is located in close proximity to the major employment hubs that are mushrooming in North Bangalore, such as Manyata Tech Park and the KIADB Aerospace SEZ currently under development. The locality is also in close proximity to Devanahalli, which has boosted the growth of real estate here as Devanahalli and its surrounding areas are rapidly on track to become the next IT hub of the city. With numerous civic infrastructure works in development, such as the development of the peripheral link road and the development of the high-speed rail link between Bangalore and the international airport, this area is developing rapidly, which has boosted the rate of real estate growth in the neighbourhood. The abundance of educational institutions of repute in the surrounding areas and the proximity and easy accessibility to world-class medical care at hospitals such as Aster CMI and Columbia Asia (with more coming up soon) is another contributing factor to the attractiveness of Bettenahalli as a real estate investment destination. Added to all these factors is the availability of land and the relatively low rates of property thus far that have fuelled the growth of real estate in Bettenahalli.

About Real Estate Growth in Bangalore

Economic liberalization in 1991 heralded a major and drastic transformation in the face of Bangalore. The label of a quiet, laidback city that was hailed as a city preferred by retirees was shed and Bangalore took on the label of the IT capital of India. This rate of growth and transformation has not abated since and today, Bangalore is the second fastest growing metropolis of the country. There has been a steady influx of new residents seeking employment into the city from other parts of India and also the world, thrusting Bangalore into the third spot as the city with the most population in the country today. These new residents of the city eventually began to look at establishing their home bases here, which greatly boosted the city’s real estate growth. Rapid developments in physical infrastructure of the city with the development of numerous flyovers and new roads and the establishment of metro lines throughout the city, which have improved connectivity and travel within the city greatly, have taken place in the past few years. This has led to an exponential growth in terms of the real estate industry of Bangalore, both commercial and residential. Areas that were once considered on the outskirts of the city have now been seamlessly amalgamated into the main city and are thriving and pulsating cosmopolitan centres. The growth of real estate in Bangalore has been nothing short of phenomenal and the city is growing extremely rapidly. In addition to the numerous work opportunities Bangalore provides, this city has also made a formidable name for itself as a forerunner in the healthcare industry with a number of world- class healthcare institutes being established here. In terms of education too, Bangalore is home to several top-notch and well reputed educational institutions. All the four zones of Bangalore are now experiencing rapid upward growth and Bangalore is now a hotspot for real estate in the country, a destination preferred by investors in real estate.

IT Tech Parks Near Prestige Marigold

The establishment of the Kempegowda International Airport at Devanahalli in North Bangalore brought with it huge changes to the area. To say that North Bangalore has exploded in terms of the development of IT and other employment hubs in the area would be a gross understatement. North Bangalore is now tipped to be the major IT hotspot of Bangalore with numerous large corporates setting up their offices in this area and others exploring the possibility of setting up their offices here. The allure of North Bangalore is only growing at more and more IT corporates are moving into the area. Prestige Marigold, the latest residential development from the Prestige Group is located at Bettenahalli, off NH 44 in North Bangalore. Prestige Marigold stands as a testament to the Prestige Group’s keen understanding of the pulse of the market and the need of investors to be based close to their work spaces and is thus located right in the centre of all the activity of IT and technology parks. This premium segment plotted development is an ideal location that makes it placed within easy connectivity and accessibility to the major IT and technology parks in North Bangalore. There are a number of IT and technology parks that have mushroomed in this locality, with the Devanahalli Business Park and the KIADB Aerospace SEZ being one of the most prominent. In addition, there are slated to be numerous employment hubs in the locality, such as the Prestige Tech Cloud Park at Devanahalli and the Embassy Knowledge Park, which will consist of IT/ITES work spaces. Residents of Prestige Marigold will have a distinct advantage of lower travel times and less stress while commuting to and from work to home as they will be residing in the heart of the IT zone of North Bangalore. Also based in North Bangalore is the Kirloskar Business Park at Hebbal and the Manyata Embassy Business Park. With a number of SEZ coming up in the future, the Aerotropolis, and the Information Technology Investment Region, North Bangalore will truly be the future IT hub of Bangalore.

Why North Bangalore is the Best Place to Own a Home in Prestige Marigold

Prestige Marigold is located at Bettenahalli, off NH 44, in North Bangalore, the current real estate hub of Bangalore. North Bangalore saw a sea change in its character with the establishment and development of the Kempegowda International Airport at Devanahalli. This began an era of change for North Bangalore with the IT industry and other corporates recognizing the value of setting up their offices in this zone of Bangalore. The development of the Devanahalli Business Park and other IT tech parks in the area soon led to the influx of residents into the area looking to set up their home bases closer to their work spaces. The Prestige Group has always had a finger on the pulse of the consumer and to this end, their projects are always situated in locations that are convenient for their residents in terms of commuting to and from work and other places of importance. Prestige Marigold is located in one such place. This premium segment plotted development is located at just a 15-minute drive from the Hebbal flyover, in the heart of the IT and technology park belt of North Bangalore. The infrastructure of this locality is rapidly developing, aiding in easy connectivity and accessibility to the city of Bangalore and its many attractions as well as to hubs of employment. North Bangalore has a whole host of reputed educational institutions such as Mallaya Aditi International School, Atria Institute of Technology, Delhi Public School, and Reva Group of Institutions, among others. There are numerous world-class healthcare facilities in the area, such as Columbia Asia Hospital and Aster CMI Hospital among others, with many more being set up currently. In addition, this area has an abundance of avenues of recreation, shopping, and entertainment. Prestige Marigold is ideally located to provide easy access to all these facilities and is therefore, the best place to own a home in North Bangalore.

Why to Invest in Prestige Marigold

Prestige Marigold is a premium-segment plotted development project being developed by the esteemed Prestige Group in the upcoming and rapidly developing North Bangalore zone. This elite plotted development is spread across a vast acreage of land in the pristine environs of Bettenahalli, off National Highway 44. This is a thoughtfully designed and planned development that consists of plots that have been divided into varying configurations in order to suit every investor’s needs in terms of space and budget. Available in configurations of 30 square feet x 40 square feet, 30 square feet x 50 square feet, and 40 square feet x 60 square feet this plotted development caters to needs of all potential investors. Developed by the much-awarded Prestige Group, this elite plotted development comes with the assurance of this renowned real estate developer’s attention to detail and excellence. With the assurance that most modern planning and design techniques have been incorporated into the project, this is a sound investment, one where you are assured of getting more than your money’s worth. This residential enclave also comes loaded with amenities to meet every resident’s whim and fancy, such as an exclusive clubhouse, a yoga deck, facilities for indoor and outdoor games and sports, swimming pools, an amphitheatre, to name a few. The enclave is also beautifully designed with parks, courtyards, well landscaped gardens, and lush greenery all around. This exclusive plotted development is located within easy road travel distance from all the IT tech parks and employment hubs that dot North Bangalore. With world-class well-equipped healthcare facilities within easy reach and many educational institutions of repute in the area, the residents of Prestige Marigold will not have to travel long distances to get to any important facilities. Investing in Prestige Marigold ensures an elegant lifestyle away from the chaos of the city and yet with convenient access to Bangalore and its many attractions and facilities.

Property Price Trends Across Bettenahalli

The development of the Kempegowda International Airport at Devanahalli brought with it a marked shift in the character of North Bangalore and led to a increased interest and excitement about real estate development in this area. Rajankunte is one of the areas of this zone that has seen the most rapid development and progress. This locality is located within just 26.1 kilometres to Devanahalli Business Park in one direction and within just 22 kilometres to Manyata Tech Park in the other direction. The upcoming KIADB Aerospace SEZ is located just 24.4 kilometres away, making Rajankunte an easy and obvious choice of residents for individuals working in either of these places or in any of the many other IT parks and employment hubs around. Rajankunte is located at a distance of just 20.5 km away from Hebbal and thus from world-class healthcare facilities like Columbia Asia Hospital and Aster CMI Hospital. The entire North Bangalore zone is dotted with educational institutions of repute such as Delhi Public School, Royal Concorde School, Atria Institute of Technology, Mallaya Aditi International School, Government Veterinary College, and Government Flying Training School, among others. Also present are several shopping hubs and avenues for entertainment such as Esteem Mall. A number of prominent luxury hotel chains have set up their operations in Devanahalli and surrounding areas and several others are in the process of developing their projects. All of these factors have caused an increased interest in Rajankunte as a real estate investment destination and subsequently, the prices of property in this locality have seen a hike too. The prices of property in Rajankunte are in the range of rupees 8642 per square yard to rupees 17,069 per square yard, with the average price of property in this locality ranging around rupees 12,855 per square yard. These prices are set to rise higher as more and more physical infrastructure works come up in and around the locality.

Surrounding Infrastructure Development at Rajankunte

Bangalore North is now the go-to zone for real estate development in Bangalore. This growth came about primarily with the establishment of the Kempegowda International Airport at Devanahalli, which brough in its wake many more developmental projects and IT and technology parks. With the development of the IT SEZ and the Manyata Embassy Business Park on the outer ring road near Hebbal, North Bangalore began to be seen as the new potential IT hub of Bangalore. There are now plans in movement for a number of upcoming projects in this area, which include Infosys, the TCS SEZ, and the Aero SEZ. The proposed ITIR and KIADB Aerospace Park have also heralded a huge wave of development into North Bangalore. In addition to these social infrastructure projects in and around Rajankunte, there are also a number of large and reputed educational institutions around this locality, which include the Government Flying School, Reva Group of Institutions, Atria Institute of Technology, Delhi Public School, Vidyashilp Academy, Mallaya Aditi International School, and the Government Veterinary College, among others. Medical care in this locality also is of world-class standard with well-equipped hospitals such as Columbia Asia Hospital, Baptist Hospital, and Aster CMI Hospital in close proximity to Rajankunte. With close proximity to both Hebbal and Devanahalli, the residents of Rajankunte can access the numerous avenues of shopping, entertainment and recreation that are available in these two locations. The physical and civic infrastructure of Rajankunte and the areas surrounding it is also developing at a rapid rate. With projects such as the high-speed rail link between the airport and Bangalore city and the development of the peripheral ring road fast becoming a reality, North Bangalore will soon have some of the best physical infrastructure in the city. With more and more residential projects being developed in Rajankunte, all this surrounding infrastructure development in the area is sure to get a huge boost in the near future.

Why Prestige Marigold is going to be one of the biggest projects of Bangalore

Prestige Marigold is an upcoming residential plotted development project developed by the Prestige Group that is located at Bettenahalli, off NH 44 in Bangalore North. This exclusive township is thoughtfully planned and meticulously designed with the needs of every potential customer in mind. The township is located at just a 15-minute drive from the Hebbal flyover and is spread over a large verdant acreage. This exclusive gated community has on offer plots of varying dimensions, viz 30 square feet x 40 square feet, 30 square feet x 50 square feet, and 40 square feet x 60 square feet, catering to the differing needs and requirements of every potential customer. A project of the esteemed Prestige Group, this plotted development has been planned and developed to the same meticulous standards as all other projects of this much-awarded real estate development group. Only the most modern and high-tech techniques have gone into each and every aspect of the planning and development of the township with high quality materials used in every stage. This township has been aesthetically designed with keen attention paid to its aesthetic features and is tipped to be an oasis of peace and tranquillity, instilling a feeling of calmness in the residents of the township. The township also comes with a wide range of amenities for the residents, ranging from an exclusive and grand clubhouse to swimming pools, jogging tracks, gymnasium, world-class facilities for indoor and outdoor games and sports, a yoga deck, and an amphitheatre. This elegant gated community will have beautiful landscaped gardens and parks and aims to provide a calming and soothing atmosphere to its residents. Prestige Marigold is one of the biggest projects of Bangalore as it will have within its premises all the necessary comforts for its residents and also the added advantage of being located within convenient distance from Bangalore and all the facilities available in the city.

Top Five Benefits of Investing in a Plot

Traditionally, for us Indians, land has been one of the most popular assets to invest our money in. There is a sense of stability and security that comes hand in hand with owning your own piece of land. Here are the top five benefits of investing in a plot

Land is a tangible fixed asset that inevitably appreciates over time and always ensures sizeable returns in the future. There is a limited amount of land available, so there is always a demand for land and a sustained rate of appreciation of land is a given. Investing in a plot of land when the rates are lower, holding it for a period of time and then selling it is a sure-fire investment option.

It is easier and simpler to take possession of your property when the property in question is land. Unlike taking possession of an apartment, where you are at the developer’s mercy to complete the structure in time, with land, once the payment has exchanged hands and all the legal formalities are completed, you can immediately take possession of your property.

No maintenance costs. Maintenance costs come with any home you own, be it an apartment or a villa, but with a plot of land, you have no maintenance costs.

Owning a plot of land gives you the freedom and flexibility to design a home according to your own specifications and requirements and in keeping with your dreams. You are free to make any extensions or modifications as you desire.

With a plot, what you see is what you get. It a blank slate, and you as the owner are free to do as you desire on it. You have complete control over the entire design, planning, and construction process and even get to choose the fittings and materials that will go into constructing your dream home. This means that you are involved in every step of the process.

How to start investing in real estate at a young age

Investments have changed our world. Be it any age, people have invested in the market for ages. This is one of the things that makes you successful in life. Being young makes you more flexible, gives you more time, and few commitments help you take more risks. If you succeed, you will be financially independent and a businessman soon. This may open the door of early retirement too.

Start saving: start saving as early as possible. It may take few years, but creating a saving plan is ideal. Observe your expenses and cut down on unnecessary expenditures. Make sure your card bills are paid on time and maintain a clean credit and debit history.

Educate yourself: more knowledge, more gain. Building a strong foundation of information as an investor is important. It is crucial to remain updated about current trends, property prices, taxation, customer demands, government policies, and other effecting policies on the real estate market. Subscribe to online blogs, read more,m discuss on forums and check other publications to keep an eye on the dynamics of the market.

Start networking: it is important to gain realistic prospects of the financial journey. Networking always helps, if you are a new bee or in the business for a long time. Experienced investors and professional agents can help you understand the market, select the best options and avoid falling into pitfalls along the way.

Consider partnership: you be a co-borrower with someone with similar financial goals and circumstances. With a partnership, you can share the investment and other charges like brokerage, legal fees, stamp duty, and other ongoing costs like maintenance and repairs.

Plan for contingencies: there are uncertainities in the market, hence a plan for the contingencies should be made. Be ready with a backup plan in the worst case. Investment is best in the long cycle sometimes with the cycle of highs and lows. The many risks involved also make real estate a profitable investment that attracts youngsters. The clock ticks fast, better to start now.

Top 7 Residential Localities in Bangalore - Prestige Group

Prestige Group has several projects ongoing and launched in Bangalore, mostly south India. The group offers luxurious amenities and meets every customer's demands while having unique designs and the best quality constructions.

Prestige Acropolis: contains classical greek architecture, and this is the premium development among the Banglore properties.

Prestige Ozone: first gated community developed by Prestige Group.

The Forum Mall: this created the retail revolution in Bangalore. This was recognized globally, and the first successful retail mnall in Bangalore setting new benchmarks in modern-day retailing.

Forum Value Mall: the first South Indian real outlet mall featuring international and national brands.

The Collection: UB City: South India’s first luxury mall.

Prestige Golfshire: South India’s first Golf villa development against Nandi Hill. The 275 acre land comes with ultra-luxurious mansions, clubhouses- Falcon Greens, a luxury spa- Quan, a private lake, championship-sized golf course. With this project, Prestige Group introduced luxury 5 star hotel- the Marriott Ingternational to Bangalore.

Prestige Shantiniketan: first wholly integrated township development of south India.

Prestige Lakeside habitat: this is the largest residential development by the company to date. Spanning 102 acres contains 3428 Plotted Development and 271 villas.

Prestige Finsbury Park Hyde: located at Bagalur, in North Bangalore, is an affordable residenves. Kits near Devenahalli, base for Kempegowda International Airport .

5 Reasons Why Buying A Plot Can Be A Wonderful Idea

Investing in time is now just not an asset, but rather an idea of inculcating an expression of who we are and the portrayal of our lifestyle, and a semblance of stability. People like to change the way they live along with embracing individuality. Most of the Plotted Development now give the state of the art amenities, community living, and fulfill every man's requirement.

But if you are someone looking for a large open land, which allows you to build a home as you wish, fuelling your imagination, and criteria, plots are your go! The plots available in the gated communities also provide world-class amenities, in strategic locations. The lifestyle around lucrative acres of plots is getting interesting with each passing day.

A home you build will reflect your personality and will match your lifestyle. If you wish to design your home from starch, as you seem proper and fit allowing any changes in the future, then buying the plots is the best option.

If you are looking to embrace flexibility to make material, architectural, and design choices, that don’t strain anybody and give much satisfaction, then ‘plot is the best asset to buy. A home lasts a lifetime. And the decisions you make should be a result of it.

If you invest in a house you are not satisfied with, you may encounter construction delays. Final handover may take a lot of time, and you may lose precious time. Buying plots saves a lot of time, and you can build at your pace. What you see is usually what you get.

The plots in green location, witn great amenities, thety are omly going to increase. Plots have great investment value and have resale value, and they appreciate better than Plotted Development. They are usually with low investments and gians higher profits, in a short period.

The time you build in a plot will have lush green surroundings and beautiful nature. This will give you a high lifestyle, away from all the city noise and pollution. You can strategically plan your location close to the city but sway from the crowd. They provide amenities and indigenous acres of cut-out plots around it. The recreational facilities, themed gardens and parks, planned infrastructure, and plot services will make you invest in the plots by reputed builders. The buying of plots and designing your dream home from the scratch is the concept running in the real estate market now.

Why Bettenahalli Is Good Option To Buy Residential Plots in Bangalore

The perfect place in North Bangalore, Bettenahlli with pleasant climate conditions and the boom in the IT industry is the right place to invest either in residential plots or Plotted Development. There are many reputed builders in the area, selling 1, 2, and 3BHK Plotted Development in a good price range. North Bangalore is now becoming a residential suburb that is seeing tremendous developments. After the development of Kempegowda International Airport, the place saw a major change in the real estate market.

This is the third busiest airport in the country, which gave a significant boost in real estate activity. With major IT parks in the vicinity, North Banglore is the current hotspot with 6 lane highway. The promising investment hub one can say, Bettenahalli has established its way using various means. Along with it, the economic investment has seen an ample number of projects in the hospitality industry and the entertainment sector, making it an ideal place for social living.

The exceptional connectivity with the presence of six-lane Bellary road or NH 7 connects Devenahalli to other important parts of the city and allows commutation to areas like Yelahanka and Hebbal with a drive of 20 minutes. There are infinite educational institutes, health care units, and entertainment hubs in the area for promoting a good social and family life.

Prominent schools and colleges like CMR University, REVA University, Canadian International School, Chrysalis High School, Presidency College, National Public School, and many other in the area provide the best education for your kids. Healthcare units like Akash Hospital, Columbia Asia Hospital, and Lenena Multispeciality Hospital provide the needed care in crisis.

There are recreational zones in the area like Decathlon, Big Brewsky, LULU Value mart, world Market Mall, Galleria Mall (RMZ), Esteem Mall, Elements Mall, and many others in the area that provide the entertainment people need. You have everything you need in Bettenahlli to lead a peaceful life. Invest in Bettenahlli. The time is now.


Real estate investors should be very careful when it comes to approval and should not fall for a stamp by the government agency. To create awareness of this developers are advertising layouts carrying the tagline ‘Approved by BMRDA’ to allure more clients. The Bangalore Metropolitan Regional Development Authority has always laid out its rules to help out the buyers.

Any approval should come from local planning authorities and not from BMRDA directly. Most local planning authorities in Bangalore are empowered to approve the layouts. The BMRDA frames the rules to help these authorities with great master plans. It is the responsibility of the buyer to check the related documents to ensure they are buying properties from these authorities.

It is recommended you check the approval sign from both the local authority and the BMRDA. It is not enough if you have only approval from BMRDA. The role of BMRDA is to only frame rules that help these local authorities. Any buyer should first seek the approval of the local authority.

They are the autonomous governing body, entrusted with the responsibility of developing infrastructure and residential properties in the city. The BMRDA only approves projects that are adhered to its specific guidelines.

Some many fraudulent developers and agents just put up the sign ‘approved by BMRDA’, but in fact they will be not. Investors are told not to fall for these kinds of tricks and be aware of the role of BMRDA. The BMRDA has all the documents scanned and uploaded about the layout approval.

It brings about changes in the policies related to urban development. It does not provide approval for the layout directly. The approvals must come from the local authority. The BMRDA plans, co- coordinates, supervises the proper and orderly development of the areas within the Bangalore Metropolitan Region (BMR). Check before you invest in the properties of Bangalore, and be aware.

Things You Need To Know Before Buying Your First Home in Bangalore

The emerging IT industries and commercial sector has made the real estate industry boom for the last couple of years. The development of the city was majorly impacted due to this helped in the first step if the client in buying the property they needed. Other than this, there are a few things you need to check up on before buying your dream home:

Builder reputation: the presence of a good name in the market always helps. The name is important. The previous projects they have built, and the number of projects completed, and cross-checking of the amenities as promised can all be checked upon. If you are going for an under-construction building, check if you have received everything as promised by the builder. You can meet with the previous buyers in such cases also. Builders like Prestige, Godrej, Sobha have made a good name.

Location: this is a major factor while choosing your home, in terms of the workplace, time taken to travel to the city, schools, hospitals, supermarkets, and essential spots in the city. Choosing an apt location is of prime importance and convenience is important. Locations like Sarjapiur, Devanahalli, Yrlahanka, Kanakapura road, SG highway are many important locations in the city.

Amenities: amenities on the property can't be missed. Amenities like swimming pool, reading room, clubhouse, swimming pool separate for kids and adults, kids play area, indoor and outdoor games, jogging/ walking track, barbeque area, spa, salon, and many games deck cant be missed. Prominent builders provide many more amenities to make the life of the residents comfortable and relaxed.

Budget: the financial stability of the investor plays a crucial role here. If you are financially stable please go ahead with the decision. Plan it before in hand so that you don’t face many hurdles on the way. Real estate is as flexible as the city itself. The city has luxurious propeorties to affordable housing optioms. Eben with a set budget you can have an amazing experience.

Many builders offer you the experience of a lifetime. With multiple locations and reputed brand builders you can get a better home with lush green surroundings, all the amenirties you could possibly imagine. Apart from these criteria be sure to check for the legal documents and license papers from the local authorities also. If you check at lNorth these many things your investment in Bangalore real estate market will be a wonderful experience.

Evolution of North Bangalore Market

North Bangalore started to take off once the key infrastructural developments took place. The 950 acres Bangalore Aerospace Park including the 250 care special economic zone has attracted many investments from around 56 large mid-size companies.

413-acre Devanahalli Business park expects to attract an investment of 2.2 billion dollars over the next five years. The BIAL IT Investment Region (ITIR) is a 12000 acre dedicated land that has interest from over 55 multinational IT companies including Infosys, Wipro, TCS, and Cognizant.

Bangalore International Convention Centre builds on 35-acre land next to Bangalore International Airport through a public-private-partnership PPP model. The NH-7 of Bellary Road, from the existing 6 lanes is getting widened to 8 lanes. Which would sustain higher traffic due to airport expansion and expanded real estate development on both sides of NH-7.

Department of tourism is sure to boost Karnataka Tourism Industry by initiation more than 1000 acres of land for a large th multi attraction, integrated themed park, on the lines of Disney land through private and public partnership model (PPP).

Government of Karnataka is also planning to develop the first Nano Park in India with 15 an acre plot for a park containing Nano Incubation Center along with the necessary physical infrastructure and support systems. Bangalore is one of the cities in /India that shows these types of attractions and encourages people to settle down there permanently.

North Bangalore has been drawing people from all over the place and help them to relocate there. The excellent weather in the Silicon Valley of India. Central Bangalore with the commercial and business hub, the government-established center, the residential zone, and the torchbearer of the IT revolution, is all bringing in the residents and investors. North Bangalore is showing great potential in growth and the growth is supporting it. The new reformation that started a decade and the opening of Kempegowda International Airport in Devanahalli in 2008, has shown north Bangalore to be the fastest-growing commercial and residential sector. With more than 900 IT firms, employing over 25% of the population, North Bangalore has more than evolved, it has revolutionized many industries.

Prominent locations like Devanahalli, Hebbal, Doddaballapur Thasindra, Hennur, and Yelahanka are few hotspots. Experts have predicted the high rise of the market value in a few years. North Bangalore is the right place to invest and is sure to make big money as per investment and the good life you desire.

Why bangalore metro is game changer in bangalore real estate

The recent development and growth of Namma Metro have positively impacted the residential and commercial properties of Bangalore. Being the second largest metro system Namma Metro is the first ground metro of all South India. Metro is divided into Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III. Phase I spans over 42 km and comprises green and purple lines and was completed in 2007. Phase II spans over 72 km and includes yellow, red, and blue lines and is expected to be completed by 2022, and Phase III will be completed by 2030.

The Namma Metro significantly connects north to south Bangalore and North to west Bangalore. After the Metro construction began, the price appreciations of the residential projects increased 22 to 30% along the metro corridors. In the post-construction of phase I of metro lone, 28% of the residential projects increased along the metro corridors. There was 6 to 10% price appreciation. There was an 18 to 25% increase in office space rentals in central locations.

Phase I itself connected central and off-central areas of Bangalore. Completion of Phase II is said to connect Bangaloreans to economic hubs like Electronic city, White Filed, and Outer Ring Road. The reduced travel time removed the difficulties to commute from one region to other. You can travel from North Bangalore to South Banaglore in only 45 minutes and North to west Bangalore in 53 minutes. Travelling is that easy.

Metro is now the most preferred mode of transportation, as it has zero fuel emission and reduces the toxins in the air. The prolonged traffic congestions are insufferable and are reduced if you take the metro to work or anywhere you want to go. Prominent workspaces like Manyata Tech Park, Ecospace Business Park, Global Village Tech Park, will connect through Namma Metro no matter where you reside.

Metro became a major game changer and the real estate industry also started blooming. The prices started appreciating due to better commutation and investors began booking profits. Commutation to work became easier and travel took much less time than the previous modes of transfer.

Benefits of Investing in Plots in India

Investing in plots has sure been a crucial benefit in the real estate market. It has low investment costs and high returns. The idea is to develop something or the plot or sell it to a company that can do it. As the experts see it, the economy is a bit tough due to the ongoing pandemic but from 2020 onwards there is much traction.

Aspects and factors like cost of building, appreciation, financial assistance, and income should be assessed before taking on this major investment decision. It also gives one the benefit of building the option according to one’s budget and taste. Once you have figured it out, you can decide on commercial, residential, or agricultural development. The land seller can be government, private seller, or private developer.

The plot is more beneficial than the ready-to-move-in houses. The cost is comparatively low to residential buildings and it is a cheaper investment and a good capital investment with a low budget.

The plots in India always give higher returns and in any area with good infrastructure, the land value is appreciated. It is a great money-saving investment that will yield a high return in the future.

Owning plots gives you great flexibility. The liberal designs to build your future home, according to your preference and taste so that you could live and sleep happily every day. The extended time frame gives a lot of opportunities to give everything you need. Or you can decide to sell your plot to anyone who is looking to construct a commercial or residential property. The returns on land are alarmingly high.

There are a few factors to look ion to before you sign the deed like verifying the ownership of thencompoany to sell the plot, the title deed to establish the undisputed transfer, and legal ownership of the land by the sellefr, collect previous tax receipts from the seller and other things. Many villagers and people from smaller cities own a large parcel of land in India. These people are coming forward to sell most of the land and use some of it to build something for themselves es or convert that in to agricultural land. The builders convert these large parcels of land into plots of various sizes to sell them to clients with amenities. Some of the plots come with many facilities and fulfill clients' needs for configuration. Nowadays it is more beneficial to invest in the plots than any other kinds of eal estate sector, which is sure to give you higher returns.

Advantages of Investing In Prestige Group Pre Launch Project

What makes a residential property an attractive accord to bet-in specifically if it’s a pre-launch? – Good features of the project, the pricing, the location, surrounding developments around the project and most importantly the brand & reputation of the builder. Pre-launch investments can be marked as the smart way of residential investments when associated with a reputed brand and what better name to think-of other than Prestige Groups when it comes to property investments in garden city of Bangalore. Yes, Prestige Group pre-launch projects are considered amongst the top-rated and most sought-for property ventures of the city. The Prestige pre-launches assure you of safe investments coupled with location advantages, on-time project completions and world-class artistries all offered at best price quotes.

The projects from Prestige Groups have a proven history of on-time completions, which is one of the most important criterions of Pre-launch projects. Their world-class amenities, state of the art facilities, legal clearances and clear property titles add to the confidence of investors. Prestige Group offers a wide range of housing projects to choose from that includes mixed development ventures, plotted developments, large townships, villa projects, luxury apartment projects and integrated projects that feature beautifully crafted Plotted Development, villaments, studio Plotted Development, penthouses, independent villas and construction ready plots among others. These residential communities are developed in strategic neighbourhoods, thoughtfully chosen to bestow location advantages of being placed in a region that holds good potential for futuristic growth with swift value appreciations.

Prestige Projects are surrounded by well-laid social and physical frameworks that include renowned educational institutions, health care facilities, employment hubs, IT Parks, shopping malls, fuel stations, banks, restaurants and other conveniences. Being an ISO 9001 certified firm with DA1 developer ratings, Prestige maintains an excellent track record in Bangalore real estate developments that are executed as per stipulated quality levels and time schedule with ability to transfer a clear and marketable title. Few of the leading Pre-launch ventures of Prestige in various locales of Bangalore are: The Prestige City in Sarjapur Road – North Bangalore, Prestige Park Drive in Devanahalli of North Bangalore and Prestige Primrose Hills in South Bangalore.

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