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Should You Rent or Own a Home in the COVID Crisis in Bangalore

Should You Rent or Own a Home in the COVID Crisis in Bangalore

When it comes to a large investment, many of us are confused. We see this as a worthwhile investment or some of us may think the rental terms are better. Potential buyers fear property taxes and the resulting tariffs. Here are some pros and cons of renting a property.

Renting any property can give you some flexibility. Choose according to your personal choices, with reduced rent, treat yourself to a chic resort, an extra bedroom if needed, anything, it can be a bit too much when buying a property. With rental plans, not all of your savings will be tied to a single investment. If you had to use your savings for your education, travel, or even a new car, you'd be spreading your money rather than risking spending it all in one place.

On the other hand, a constant rise in inflation will lead to higher rents, you can feel it like a burden, and every month your money crumbles. They can ask you to leave the houses at any time, even if you are fully settled in your rented house, love your community and your neighbors, and give yourself a short time to be free. Finding another home in this short period with the same benefits could be boring.

Buying a property gives you stability. Living your home according to your needs is a luxury. You have the freedom to live according to your wishes. You can redecorate your home and apply a new shade of paint, change the decor, or even tear down something you don't like. Real estate prices only increase over time and give you good returns. Plus, you can rent out your property for some cash flow by creating a way to pay EMI and passive income on the side.

The disadvantages of buying a property include the expense of the property over a long period. The benefits can come a bit late. Potentially high-interest rates can make you think twice before investing. All of your savings will be stuck in one place, which could create financial barriers. It is advisable to invest if you intend to reside there for a long time.

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